Overworked and Underpaid @ Citifileld by spranzo
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Overworked and Underpaid @ Citifiield.
by spranzo
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imperial parking aka impark has begun a hiring campaign at citifield,flushing,n.y. utilizing the job description "greeter" they are seeking parking attendants who are to be paid a paltry $8.50 per hour. the new hires must greet all customers aka "guests" with a broad smile, warm verbal greeting and if necessary a kiss on their rear end in an attempt to justify the outrageous $18.00 parking fee. additionally, while construction workers who continue to remain employed at the site are dressed in layers of clothing in an attempt to ward off the frigid temps, our impark "greeters" are required to wear the standard uniform,consisting of a short sleeve shirt, kaki pants, baseball cap and a thin windbreaker. all are expected to arrive and man their respective positions approximately four hours prior to game time and remain on duty until all guests have parked their vehicles. needless to say this work environment constitutes a health hazzard. many of the newly hired employees are young adults. however, a fair representation of senior citizens were also observed. additionally, in order to ensure compliance,imperial parking has a select group of "secret shoppers" who will approach the newly hired "greeters" pretending to be customers in order to observe the attitude, appearance,and overall behavior of the newly hired staff. any and all infractions of the standards impark has established will be duly reported.

the work place atmosphere is unhealthy, dangerous,and chaotic.federal government work place standards and regulations are not major concerns of this employer from the northland {canada} it is the responsibility of those on the lowest pay scale to insure that customers who are being overcharged make certain that the guest enjoys the screwing he is getting from impark.
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April 09, 2009