'Hero' is just another word for 'sandwich'
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The political winds are fickle in New York City, goslings!

A new Siena College poll out this week reveals that two-thirds of New York State voters now would gladly hand over $3 billion to Amazon if the company reconsiders its decision to abandon HQ2 in Long Island City.

Of those polled, 63 percent said it was bad for New York that the online retail giant pulled out of Queens, including 56 percent of people who identified as “liberals.”

More surprisingly, the person that people blame most for Amazon turning its back on New York City isn’t Mayor Bill de Blasio or Governor Andrew Cuomo, or even Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer and State Senator Michael Gianaris, two vocal critics of the deal in each of their districts.

In fact, the latter’s appointment to a state board that could veto the project was widely seen as the final straw for Amazon.

No, the person people blame most is the current flavor of the day: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Of those polled, 12 percent labeled her a hero, while 38 percent called her a villain, which, by the way, is pretty ridiculous terminology to use in a poll. Real professional Siena pollsters! Here’s some ideas you can use for your next poll: rapscallion, enfant terrible, scoundrel, paladin and liberator.

While Ocasio-Cortez was a vocal critic of the deal, in her current position in Congress she has absolutely no oversight over the project of even the ability to torpedo it.

We guess people blame her progressive agenda and election upset of Congressman Joseph Crowley for Gianaris and Van Bramer suddenly feeling emboldened to oppose the deal, even though both were in favor of bringing Amazon to Queens when the company announced it was seeking proposals from cities looking to be the home of HQ2, despite how they want to spin it now.

Although, we do blame Ocasio-Cortez for de Blasio thinking that running for president would be a good idea. What other explanation could there be!?

Speaking of de Blasio, the poll also asked voters if they had a “favorable” or “unfavorable” opinion about the mayor. Not unsurprisingly, his number continues to trend in the wrong direction, with his “unfavorable” status now reaching the 50 percent threshold. Only 34 percent have a favorable opinion of him.

As for Cuomo, voters are pretty evenly split, with 46 percent giving him a favorable rating and 48 percent falling of the side of unfavorable.

No word on their respective “hero-to-villain” ratios.
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