A Paladino by any other name
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Vickie Paladino didn't get the endorsement – or any support - from the Queens County Republican Party in the primary last week against Simon Minching.

In fact, the leaders of the Queens GOP didn't just support her opponent, they actively tried to discredit her campaign, which all came to a head at the Queens Village Republican Club a week before the election, which we wrote about last week.

But in case you missed it, Paladino went on a tirade against Queens GOP executive director John Haggerty, who spent time in jail for stealing money from the Bloomberg campaign some years ago, referring to him as a felon several times.

Sitting in the crowd, however, was John's brother Bart, who finally decided he had heard enough and began shouting back at Paladino. Eventually, the cops were called.

“Paladino and her campaign have launched personal attacks against Mr. Haggerty and the Queens GOP for months via video and social media, now it has escalated to a physical encounter,” read a statement from Queens County chairwoman Joann Ariola the day after the scuffle. “This violent type of behavior is condoned by Vickie Paladino, thereby making her unfit for the office she seeks.”

Another person who sought to disassociate himself from Paladino was another Paladino, Carl. The upstate businessman who ran for governor while famously carrying around a bat that he promised to take to Albany, sent out a statement before the primary just to clarify that he was not in any way related to Vickie Paladino.

“Everyone should know that I am not related to State Senate candidate Vickie Paladino in any way,” the chairman of the Trump Campaign in New York State said in a statement. “In fact, I have never even met the woman nor to my knowledge have I ever spoken to her.”

Mr. Paladino attacked Mrs. Paladino's professed loyalty to President Donald Trump, and accused her of once make a political contribution to the “ultra-progressive leftist” Working Families Party.

You know you're on the political fringe when the man who in 2010 threatened to “take out” a Post editor who asked Paladino to prove his accusation that his challenger, current Governor Andrew Cuomo, cheated on his ex-wife, doesn't want to be associated with you.

But guess what? None of it mattered!

Vickie Paladino defeated Minching in the primary and will now face John Liu in the general election in November.

It will be interesting to see if the Queens GOP softens their stance on the outspoken candidate in the interest of taking back control of the State Senate seat the Democrats took from longtime Republican incumbent Frank Padavan in 2010, or if the in-fighting that has plagued the party for decades now will be too much to overcome.

We're betting the latter.

Speaking of creating distance...

We received an email from the leadership of the Queens Village Republican Club to make one correction about last week's column. We wrote that Bart Haggerty was vice chair of the club, when in fact he is not a member of the club or involved in its leadership. Duly noted.
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