Bringing Back the draft for young men 18 years of age
by godfather
 Bringing back the draft for young men at 18 years of age.
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never growing up!
never growing up!
playing doesn't pay the bills
playing doesn't pay the bills

Why they should bring back the draft-specifically for men only at 18 years age. Too many young men still living at home with no job, no inspiration, no motivation, and just flat out existing.

In my opinion all young men need some type of direction. Whether College or being in the service. If they do not capitalize on College or have no desire to go to college as long as they work and learn as they go sets the direction of the rest of their lives. Getting a job bettering themselves along the way, and having goals set is very important.

If you are surrounded by drop outs, surrounded with unemployed friends, there is no hope for that individual to attain anything in life. And doing it daily makes in normal for them. But this is not reality, and the longer they live this life this way,   down the road is the cliff. That is right, the cliff to fall into Welfare, no social security, no pension, and qualifying for section 8 apartments through New York State programs to assist those in need.

As a result of men not receiving formal initiation or training in manhood, these men stay stuck in guyland, and become bystanders to their own life, and safely avoid the discomfort and truth of their own life. Here’s a great article about Men growing up to be Boys that really nails the problem.

When you look around, you can find many examples of grown men who act like boys or make incredibly self-centered decisions and abuse their power on a regular basis. Or other men, who are just asleep to the possibilities in their life. It’s like they are waiting for someone with more authority to tell them what to do.  Men are very confused and have an endless barrage of confusing messages about what it means to be a man and how to go about being one.

It is not normal living for a young man not to have any type of job, a car, and money in his pocket.  Lately the average age of a young man still living at home, has risen to 35 years of age from 30 years of age.  But the majority of those men still living at home do work, help with bills, or give money toward the house expenses. If the parents rent an apartment, and pass away, then these young men must go to work to pay the rent.  If the parents own a home, and have to go in a nursing home, then the sale of the house must happen and the home gets their share, or something like that.  Or if the parents live long lives there will not be much left for the children. So they end up getting welfare, food stamps, or go to a homeless shelter.

The sobering reality should be pushed into the faces of those living like this right now. It is scary, but many think the way they live now is normal. Many are used to it. Many have no goals, no incentives of importance. These are the young men who will be thrown into the Lion’s Den of Life all of sudden and will not be able to deal with it.

*Samantha (Thibodeau) Dreyer. Psychologist, PsyD. Mount Sinai, New York 11766

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