Live Blog: Jets at Patriots
by NigelC
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Brett Favre and the Jets control their own destiny.
Brett Favre and the Jets control their own destiny.
Well, that wraps up tonight's live-blog. I had a lot of fun talking with you guys. We'll be doing more of these in the coming weeks for football, basketball and hockey. Keep a look out on the sports page for upcoming live-blogs. Have a good night everyone.

*END OF GAME New York 34, New England 31*. Great game. The Jets move to 7-3, the Patriots fall to 6-4. The Jets are alone in first place in the AFC East.

Big win for the Jets, who will now have extra time off until they play Tennessee next week. Brett Favre played great, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

So the Jets are in control of their own destiny now, and with an easy December schedule, the Jets might be on the fast track to a first-round bye.


*11:44PM* *KICK IS GOOD, JETS WIN 34-31* in overtime.

*11:43PM* 35 yard attempt. Intense pressure.

*11:42PM* Jones to the 16. Here comes Feely.

*11:41PM* Jones for 2 more yards. Jets might kick now.

*11:41PM* Washington to the 20.

*11:40PM* Favre to Coles. 1st down to the 24. Field goal range.

*11:39PM* Favre to Keller. 1st down. The rookie is growing up.

*11:38PM* Favre screen to Jones for 9 yards.

*11:38PM* Jay Feely hit his career long field goal last week. Keep that in mind.

*11:37PM* Favre again to Keller. Another 1st down.

*11:36PM* Favre to wide open Dustin Keller. 1st down New York.

*11:35PM* Favre to Washington, batted away incomplete. 3rd and 15.

*11:34PM* Favre sacked by Pierre Woods. 2nd and 15.

*11:33PM* Deep kickoff. No return. Ball at 20. Time for a Brett Favre moment.

*11:31PM* New York wins the coin toss, will get the ball.

*11:30PM* *END OF 4TH QUARTER Jets 31, Patriots 31.* I don't know how the Jets get over this and win this game.

*11:29PM* Cassel with 400 yards passing. Wow.

*11:26PM* Booth review. Play stands. Touchdown. *Jets 31, Patriots 31* with 1 second left.

*11:24PM* Cassel to Moss. *TOUCHDOWN* with 1 second left! *Jets 31, Patriots 30*. Cassel was almost sacked. All Jets fans are in a coma. Incredible. What a catch. Wow. Wow.

*11:23PM* Welker to the 16. 8 seconds left. 4th and 1 Jets timeout.

*11:21PM* Cassel to Welker to the 26. 23 seconds left. Big false start on the Patriots. That's really huge.

*11:21PM* Cassel twice to Watson. Clock continues to tick. Pats in hurry up.

*11:19PM* 1:04 to go, Pats have the ball.

*11:18PM* Jones is stopped! 4th down. Jets will have to punt. Huge, huge stop for New England. That was all heart.

*11:15PM* 2 minute warning. 3rd and about 3 and a half. The next play is the game.

*11:14PM* New England uses final timeout. A first down will probably wrap this one up.

*11:12PM* Patriots will punt on 4th and 17. Jets call timeout. No mistakes, and New York should win.

*11:11PM* BIG SACK from Kris Jenkins. Why wasn't he in the game in the 3rd quarter?

*11:10PM* Dwight Lowery almost ended the game with an interception.

*11:09PM* Hobbes to the 30. Let's see if Cassel can pull a Tom Brady.

*11:07PM* Thomas Jones into the endzone: *Touchdown* *Jets 31, Patriots 24* Big, big drive. Great plays, a lot of luck. Now it's on New York's defense. 3:10 left, Patriots have 1 timeout left.

*11:06PM* Thomas Jones leaps in the air, stopped at the goal line. Incredible stop by New England.

*11:05PM* Favre throws out of bounds. Another defensive holding. Automatic 1st down. Ball at the half yard mark. If New York cannot score, they don't deserve to win.

*11:04PM* Thomas Jones to the 1. Timeout New England. 3:26 left. Very good drive for the Jets in a big moment.

*11:03PM* Defensive holding. Automatic 1st down. Jets get REALLY lucky.

*11:02PM* Favre throws it away. 4th down. Jets will kick a field goal. There's a flag.

*11:01PM* Favre incomplete to Cotchery in the endzone.

*11:00PM* Jets on 10 yard line. Jones for 3 yards.

*10:59PM* Favre to Chansi Stuckey for first. Stuckey is then hammered. That hurt.

*10:58PM* Washington for short gain. 3rd and -short- two coming up.

*10:56PM* Favre to Keller. 1st down.

*10:56PM* Thomas Jones stuffed for no gain. That aside, Jets have rushed well this drive.

*10:52PM* This is why the Jets got Brett Favre. For this moment.

*10:51PM* Kick is good. *Jets 24, Patriots 24* We're in for a great finish.

*10:51PM* Cassel tried to run, Mosley and Ellis stopped him. 4th down. Patriots will kick to tie.

*10:50PM* Cassel overthrew Moss on a wide open, sure fire touchdown play.

*10:48PM* This is the kind of game that crushes teams.

*10:45PM* Favre to Cotchery, FUMBLE. Patriots recover. Talk about a turnaround.

*10:45PM* Washington dropped behind the line.

*10:42PM* Favre kinda trips again. Don't know why he's not throwing the football. Being too much of a game manager.

*10:38PM* This next drive will tell us all we need to know about this Jets team.


*10:37PM* *END OF THIRD QUARTER* Conversion is good! *Jets 24, Patriots 21* That sound you're hearing is all of New York's Jets fans hitting the floor.

*10:36PM* Cassel to Watson. *Touchdown* *Jets 24, Pats 19* Patriots are going for 2. Risky.

*10:35PM* Cassel to Gaffney. How was he so wide open. He's been catching passes all day.

*10:34PM* Penalties will kill you. Illegal contact on Pace.

*10:32PM* Cassel to Welker to 30 yards.

*10:30PM* Great stop by Mayo. Washington was open, Favre should've thrown to him.

*10:28PM* That the Patriots threw on 3rd and 1 shows how strong the Jets run defense is. Patriots can't rush.

*10:27PM* Yawnfest of a third quarter.

*10:24PM* Cassel under all kinds of pressure in the pocket. Collinsworth just said he's 0-11 on passes of 20 yards. That's -pretty bad.- why the Pats will struggle to come back.

*10:21PM* Shotgun on 3rd and 2? Incomplete. Should've run there.

*10:21PM* It's interesting to watch a Favre screen pass vs. a Chad Pennington screen.

*10:20PM* Favre to Washington, first down. Brett shut me up.

*10:18PM* Hilarious bobble by Baker. Huge false start. This drive is over unless Favre does something.

*10:17PM* Jones with the run. Smart football, use the clock.

*10:14PM* Cassel almost picked. Jets lucked out on the missed snap. Patriots were driving.

*10:13PM* Wow. Bad snap. -Huge- 23 yard loss.

*10:12PM* Matt Cassel is going to take a big hit if he keeps running.

*10:11PM* How did Cassel avoid that sack?

*10:09PM* Quick note: Jets 14 takeaways are tied for 4th in the NFL.

*10:08PM* Favre sacked again. Patriots have turned up the pressure.

*10:06PM* Favre sacked. He really kinda tripped.

*10:05PM* The Jets have forced a lot of turnovers.

*10:04PM* Watson with the FUMBLE, Kerry Rhodes recovers. 1st turnover of the night. When it rains it pours.

*10:03PM* Patriots look good to start the 3rd.

*10:00PM* Third quarter kickoff. New England can take their time and try to rush.

*9:49PM* Half time. Off to take a quick break. See you during the second half.


*9:46PM* End of 2nd Quarter. *Jets 24, Patriots 13*. New England will focus on stopping the Jets run in the second half. Jets will try to run out the clock now.

*9:43PM* Cassel to Gaffney: *Touchdown* Typical methodical New England Drive. *Jets 24, Patriots 13*

*9:42PM* Cassel incomplete. Here comes another 3rd down. No times outs, Patriots have to go for the endzone.

*9:41PM* Quarterback sneak, 1st down.

*9:40PM* Cassel's pass tipped. Almost picked. Will New England go for it?

*9:38PM* Cassel runs for another huge gain. If it works, keep using it.

*9:37PM* That false start killed the drive. I wonder if New England will try for points with 1:44 left in the half with 1 timeout.

*9:35PM* That's the most pressure I've seen on Favre all night. No grounding call? Lucky. I didn't see a tip.

*9:31PM* Two minute warning. I guarantee you New York will try for a touchdown here. Not just a field goal, but a touchdown.

*9:31PM* CJ Mosely with the sack. New England turns over on downs. Panic move does not pay off.

*9:30PM* New England is going for it on 4th and 3. Questionable, panic move.

*9:29PM* Another big stop by the Jets on 3rd & 1. Kris Jenkins has changed the Jets defense. Dan Koppen is hurt for New England.

*9:27PM* Great screen pass and run by Aiken for 43 yards. Aiken then drops the next pass.

*9:26PM* Cassel just threw a duck to Watson.

*9:23PM* Favre to Cotchery. *Touchdown. Jets 24, Patriots 6*. This is incredible. New York is dominant in every facet of the game.

*9:20PM* Favre deep pass to Cotchery. Looks like pass interference. Great catch by Cotch too. I was waiting for the Jets to try the deep ball.

*9:17PM* Favre to Cotchery for 18 yards.

*9:14PM* Jets defense looks very, very good. Let's see what the offense does now.

*9:13PM* Faulk is devoured behind the line.

*9:11PM* Bill Belichick looks like he ate a toad. Cassel 12 yards to Welker.

*9:07PM* This might be the biggest lead the Jets have had against New England since 2002. However, New England doesn't panic. This game is far from over.

*Kickoff* Leon Washington 92 yards Touchdown. *Jets 17, Patriots 6.* What did I say earlier about special teams for the Jets?

*9:02PM* Kick is good. *Jets 10, Patriots 6* Collinsworth is wrong, Cassel could not have run that in.

*9:01PM* Nice spin by Morris.

*9:00PM* Big first down by Faulk. I swore a saw a facemask. Replay showed just a collar.

*9:00PM* New England is determined to run the football.

*8:59PM:* Morris stopped for a small gain.

*8:58PM:* Cassel with a big run. Jets didn't see that one coming.

*8:56PM:* Cassel to Welker, Morris picks up the first down.


*8:54PM:* End of 1st quarter: *JETS 10, PATRIOTS 3* Jets looked good on both sides of the ball.

*8:52PM* Feely kick is good. *Jets 10, Patriots 3.* Jets have looked really fluid on offense. Keller catches that ball, Jets have a big lead.

*8:52PM:* Keller can't come down with another pass, Jets will probably kick.

*8:51PM:* Keller dropped a easy touchdown.

*8:50PM:* Wildcat with Brad Smith! Favre lined up at reciever, Smith with a big run. Creative.

*8:47PM:* Favre to Keller on third down. Keller's developing nicely.

*8:45PM:* Favre incomplete to Baker, his first incompletion of the night.

*8:43PM:* Jets should be aggressive coming out here. A 14-3 lead would be big.

*8:42PM:* Field goal is good. *Jets 7, Patriots 3* New England is going to have to throw to win tonight.

*8:41PM:* Patriots run the ball on third down, and the Jets stopped them. 4th down.

*8:40PM:* Another big third down coming up.

*8:38PM:* Another great pass from Cassel. This time to Gaffney. Just like I thought, New England is going to throw.

*8:37PM:* Green-Ellis stopped for short yardage. New England's going to struggle against the Jets rush defense tonight.

*8:35PM:* Great pass by Matt Cassel to Ben Watson. Cassel showed poise despite pressure in the pocket.

*8:32PM:* Ty Law out to start the game. Interesting.

*8:27PM:* Look for New England to try use short passes against the Jets on this drive.

*8:26PM:* Favre to Washington: *Touchdown*. Good mix of run and pass for New York on the first drive. *Jets 7, Patriots 0*

*8:25PM:* Big third down coming up.

*8:24PM:* Favre to Dustin Keller for 23 yards.

*8:23PM:* Play ruled complete. Good challenge for Mangini.

*8:20PM:* Jets are challenging whether a pass from Favre to Laveranues Coles was complete. Replays looked like a catch. This one might get overturned.

*8:17PM:* Thomas Jones 13 yard run. Favre won't have to throw if Jones can rush like he has the past two games.

*Kickoff:* Leon Washington the 38. Special teams are a strength of the Jets

*8:09PM:* Before the game starts, look for New York to test New England's secondary. The Jets can run, but I'm expecting to see Brett Favre air it out, especially with Adalius Thomas out.

*8:04PM:* Problem solved, but it was still strange.

**8:03PM:* Anyone else hearing One Tree Hill over the picture of the game? Let's hope WPIX can fix that.

Hello everyone. I'll be here throughout tonight's Jets-Patriots game, spouting my opinions and giving insights. The games on NFL network, and the CW 11 for those without cable.
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November 15, 2008
Farve is definitely a force to be addressed. He can't be ignored
Eddie V
November 13, 2008
You might be right. But you have to admit that Farve is the difference in the Jet's this year. He brings a poise to the team they have NEVER had. Farve is MVP. Sign him up for next year already. They look like a different team, THey got more good breks this year than the last 5 years combined. Great going Nigel.
November 13, 2008
I think Dustin Keller is the MVP. He came up huge in OT, and the Jets defense crumbled in the 4th.
Eddie V
November 13, 2008
Jenkins MVP in this one.
November 13, 2008
What do you know.....

A Jets franchise win!!!
November 13, 2008
Still here. Was looking foward to getting some food. But that'll wait.
Eddie V
November 13, 2008
Hey NigleC

Where'd you go?
November 13, 2008
Matt Cassel became Tom Brady.
November 13, 2008
Just shoot me
November 13, 2008
Well, it all comes down to this play.
November 13, 2008
New York's offensive line has been pretty solid all game long. Favre hasn't been under much pressure.
November 13, 2008
Throw a misdirection run in there right now
November 13, 2008
November 13, 2008
Too much time left. But we're okay. What a finish it will be
November 13, 2008
Big spot here.
November 13, 2008
Oh you;re back huh?
Eddie V
November 13, 2008
Jet's in A1 position to win. Have to get TD here. They need to run it with Washington.
November 13, 2008
Yes, but he does lead the AFC in rushing yards.
November 13, 2008
Jones has rubber legs. HE goes down too easy
November 13, 2008