Trump to face Justice once and for all
by godfather
 Trump to face Justice once and for all.
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June 28, 2019-The wrong doings now outweigh the things Trump has accomplished to date. Reality is setting in. Trump being boxed into the corner now. Pro Trump supporters never digest the truth about Trump, but the days are approaching when Justice is being served to Trump by many and many directions.

June 28, 2019-To those who point out 24/7 all that Trump has done for Our Country since being elected, let us now put on the other side of the scale the things he has done wrong.

We all know that his workers at construction sites had a hard time getting paid.

We all know that Trump started a Trump College and kept the students money until Trump was elected, then shamed about it, then forced to pay the money back.

We all know that Trump paid hush money to a Porn star before the election, and then it was revealed to all.

We all know now that Trump welcomed assistance from Russia to win the election. And still states that these past several weeks.

Secret meetings at Trump Towers to potentially gather negative dirt on Hillary is known by all.

32 Staffers Trump hired, were arrested, charged, indicted and sentenced to date.


His Hotel in Washington DC was used to profit breaking a law in place which Trump cares less about.


Detail from Quora


He’s an admitted sexual predator - The Access TV audio tape makes it clear that Donald Trump has repeatedly sexually assaulted women because he is a “media star.”


 He’s an accused sexual predator - He has at least 20 women who have made claims against him for sexual battery and harassment.


He’s borderline conman - He has several thousand lawsuits against him ongoing because he has failed to pay contractors for work that they have done.


He’s taken out loans for projects which he then didn’t repay or only partially repaid. And he has formed several businesses which were clearly shells to collect investments while offering little to nothing for those funds.



He’s a pathological liar - Trump has been caught LYING daily to all sorts of people, even when directly confronted with evidence from legitimate sources that he was (or is) lying.


He’s a bully - He’s used (and he uses) his wealth and positions to intimidate and harass others. He doesn’t need to do this and doing so often gains him little; however he continues to do so even to this day.


I didn’t include Trump’s potential criminal exposure as until he is indicted it would be speculation. I also didn’t include Trump’s adultery, nor his marriages, as they are simple personal failings which don’t affect the public in general.

The above alone should have disqualified him from ever holding public office, much less becoming the POTUS.

Conclusion-Whether you are a Pro Trump supporter or not, once Trump is removed from office he will face indictments, charges, from the Southern New York District Courts. Money laundering, tax evasion, etc.. You can deny all this and continue living out of touch with reality, but the wheels of justice will bring Trump to a complete stop. Don’t believe it, print this article out and place on your refrigerator. When Justice is served to Trump you can discard this and throw in your garbage pail. This is not a game. This is criminal above and beyond.

Old Military saying 'Let your heart and your conscience be your guide'. What matters the most for you, your children, and grandchildren is to have a respectful, loyal leader, a real Commander in Chief setting examples throughout our Country and to the World.






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