Update-Donald Trump -Jan.26, 2019
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 Update on Donald Trump-January 26, 2019
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Donald Trump Jr. is slated as the first to be subpoenaed by House Democrats for Russia’s alleged involvement in the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, per the Washington Examiner.

 Report reveals Trump's plans for lux Moscow tower – as it happened-Documents released by BuzzFeed undermine Trump lawyer’s claims that project was just an idea

NBC News-Trump and Russia: What to expect from Mueller in 2019 One ex-federal prosecutor said he is beginning to believe conspiracy with Russian election meddling is not the most serious crime Mueller is investigating.

Fortune Magazine-Donald Trump faces an increasing number of lawsuits against him personally and his business, as well as the growing peril that he may be indicted on charges by federal prosecutors, which could predicate a constitutional challenge or a constitutional crisis over whether a sitting president may face criminal charges.

The Guardian- Mueller closes in: what will the Trump-Russia inquiry deliver in 2019? The special counsel investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion is notoriously leak-proof but it could soon touch Trump directly or members of his family mid February 2019.

The US president's basic conduct and politics are unlikely to change in 2019, but the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, coupled with the Russia investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, will lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump, predicts Allan Lichtman.

 "I think it's more likely than not he will get impeached," the American University professor told DW.

After previously predicting 30 years of presidential elections correctly, Lichtman became a media phenomenon when he — against mainstream wisdom — predicted early on that Trump would win in 2016. Now Lichtman is convinced that as of 2019, and for the remainder of his term, Trump will be engaged in a fight to remain in office — a fight he may well lose.

"I can't believe [Mueller] has been working all this time just to say: Sorry, nothing to see here," said Lichtman. "I think there are going to be some very serious findings from Mueller directly tying the Trump campaign to the Russians."

Opinion Consensus-Pro Trump supporters always defend Trump and will still deny the final results of what happens to Donald Trump, as President.  To their friends and families the supporters will look so dumb founded that they suddenly realize they better keep quiet from now on.

Final Note-

Dr. Alexander Lee, MD Physiatrist at Mt. Sinai Hospital of New York states that many Trump supporters are basically just like Trump in many ways. Racist, and they think they are better than everyone else. This is why in their opinion Trump can do no wrong and he is right in what he does.


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