The bad, the ugly, the Good.
by ChrisBritoMets
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So its been a while since my last post, but I'm back to fill you in with the good news, well sort off. 

Theres a reason to be a little happy with the Metropolitans coming off this disatrous road trip.

First, the bad.

The Mets lost their first series after the All- Star venue to the archrival Braves. They didn't put much of a contest as they could only squeeze out one win. The Mets were destroyed and outplayed by the Braves in every way possible, their 11-0 shutout in the second game of the series, reflects this. The Mets hit rock bottom, they can't play any worse, can they?

Then the ugly...

As if losing to the their archnemisis isn't bad enough, losing the Nationals was just plain embarrassing.The Nationals, possiibly the worst team in MLB history, pulled out two wins from the un-Amazin's. The Nationals' pitching looked phenomenal against the powerless-Mets, who couldn't get a homerun to save their lives.

The Mets lost the first encounter against the Astros and after that loss, I guess they were just tired of losing.


Finally, music to my eyes.

In the second game, the Mets practically won the game in the first inning, inking the scoreboard with 3 runs. There was more to come however. David Wright had his first homerun in what felt like ages for him and the Mets, and only his second since Carlos Beltran's departure to the disabled list.  Jeff Francour, who has appeared somewhat consistent in the homerun department, packing three since his arrival to the Mets. Omir Santos also had a role in the fairy tale, racking up a deep shot.

Now for an encore, the Mets decided to give the Astros some confidence by giving them the early lead. THat was shortlived for the Astros however. That three run lead, diminished and faded away as the Mets came to scare them away by scoring eight runs. The Mets took their first series since the All-Star break and can finally go home on a high note.

Lets see if the Mets ride that momentum and prolong this win streak in hopes to lessen that gap in the Wild Card race.

The streaking Phillies are running away with the NL East divison crown, unless they choke ..... 

Even though the Mets have shown more offensive efficiency with their new assembled lineup, they might have trouble with strike-out machine Ubaldo Jimenez, on the mound tommorow night at Citi Field.

Mets vs. Colorado Rockies at 7 p.m.



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