Foul language and off-color jokes abound
by Nathan Orians
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“Circus Maximus,” a Hungarian war film, first came out in October of 1980. It features heavy- hitting acting duo Gabor Mate and Antal Pager. (I don’t think anybody outside of Hungary has ever heard of those two actors but my Hungarian contact assures me those two actors were huge over there.) That movie, one that highlighted the emotional toils of war with loss, love, and death, is not the film I am reviewing.

Three decades later, a new “Circus Maximus” is set to hit the screens in New York. This movie has absolutely nothing in common with the original other than the fact that you won’t recognize most of the actors.

In this new “Circus Maximus,” up-and-coming film writer Cal Neros, played by Julian McCullough, is forced to write a screenplay in one weekend to meet his studio’s deadline. As Neros works on his script, the movie shifts to follow the stories he writes. There are three different story lines. The first follows a man and woman on a date. The man is a jerk and the woman is a midget, providing the opportunity for a ton of foul language and inappropriate jokes.

The second plot line follows two private investigators as they attempt to do their job – there isn’t much of a story line here. The story focuses on the private investigators having a weird job and odd personalities.

Finally there’s the story of a guy and his therapist. This was by far my favorite plot line. The guy, played by Joe D’Onofrio, is seriously twisted and the stories he tells his therapist are memorable.

“Circus Maximus” is well written and enjoyable. At times the dialogue feels forced or stilted but that has less to do with the writing and more to do with cast members having limited acting talent. All in all, I would suggest going to see this movie when comes out in December. There is enough original foul language and off-color jokes to keep you grinning the whole way through.
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